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UV Flatbed Printer More Heavier More Better?

Is reliable to judge the performance of UV flatbed printer by weight?The answer is no. This actually takes advantage of the misconception that most people judge quality by weight. Here are a few misunderstandings to understand.


Misconception 1: the more heavy the quality of UV flatbed printer, Performance More better

In fact, it's easy to increase the weight of uv flatbed printers, but hard to lighten them. Do not consider the aesthetic design and cost saving, like negative pressure system, water cooling system, suction system and other parts and components, easily can be more than 200-300 pounds. But if the performance is guaranteed to remain the same, reduce the volume by half, the price will at least be doubled, and some parts will be doubled. Under normal circumstances, the larger and heavier the parts, the higher the energy consumption, the heavier the noise pollution, and the more troublesome the later maintenance.



Misconception two: uv flatbed printer more heavier, it is more stable

The stability of the physical structure of THE UV flatbed printer is determined by factors such as the design level of the manufacturer, the quality of the parts and their own production process, and the weight factor is very, very small. Regardless of cost, with carbon fiber composites, alloys and so on, the overall weight of the equipment can be reduced by at least 40%.



Misconception three: the heavier the UV flatbed printer, the longer its service life

This is completely not matched, uv flatbed printer service life depends on the maintenance of the operator, the quality of the equipment accessories, has no relation with the weight


Post time: Jun-21-2022