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Technical Tips

Technical Tips

  • The method of self-examination of the cause of color stripes when printing on flatbed printers

    The method of self-examination of the cause of color stripes when printing on flatbed printers

    latbed printers can directly print color patterns on many flat materials, and print finished products, conveniently, quickly, and with realistic effects. Sometimes, when operating the flatbed printer, there are colored stripes in the printed pattern, why is it so? Here is the answer for everyone...
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  • UV printer manufacturers teach you how to improve the printing effect of UV Roll to Roll printers

    Aily Group has more than 10 years experience in R&D and production of UV roll to roll printers, serving customers all over the country, and products are exported overseas. With the development of the uv roll to roll printer, the printing effect will also be affected to a certain extent, and t...
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  • Teach You To Improve The Use Efficiency Of Uv Flatbed Printers

    Teach You To Improve The Use Efficiency Of Uv Flatbed Printers

    When doing anything, there are methods and skills. Mastering these methods and skills will make us simple and powerful when doing things. The same is true when printing. We can master some Skills, please let the uv flatbed printer manufacturer share some printing skills when using the printer for...
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  • What is the distinction of RGB as well as CMYK in the case of an Inkjet printer

    What is the distinction of RGB as well as CMYK in the case of an Inkjet printer? RGB color model is the three primary colors of light. Red, Green, and Blue. These three primary colors, that have different proportions that can create a range of colors. In theory, green...
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  • UV printing and special effects

    Recently, there has been a great interest in offset printers that use UV printers to print special effects that were previously done using the screen printing technique. In offset drives, the most popular model is 60 x 90 cm because it is compatible with their production in B2 format. Using digit...
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    After the initial setup of the UV printer, it does not need special maintenance operations. But we sincerely recommend that you follow the following daily cleaning and maintenance operations to extend the lifespan of the printer. 1.Turn on/off the printer  During daily use, the printer can keep ...
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    Can we print on plastic by UV printer? Yes, uv printer can print on all kinds of plastic, including PE,ABS,PC,PVC,PP etc. UV printer dries the inks by uv led lamp: the ink is printed on the material, can be dried instantly by UV light, and has excellent adhesion UV printers realize various pe...
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  • Your guide to using white ink

    There are plenty of reasons why you should be using white ink-it broadens the range of services you can offer to your clients by allowing you to print on coloured media and transparent film-but there’s also an additional cost to running an extra colour. However, don’t let that put you...
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  • Top tips for reducing printing costs

    Whether you’re printing material for yourself or for clients, you probably feel the pressure to keep costs down and output high. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize your outlay without compromising on your quality–and if you follow our advice outlined below, you’ll find yourself...
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  • Keeping your wide-format printer working well in hot weather

    As anyone who’s popped out of the office for an ice cream this afternoon will know, hot weather can be hard on productivity - not just for people, but also for the equipment we use around our print room. Spending a little time and effort on specific hot-weather maintenance is an easy way to...
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  • Introducing DPI printing

    If you’re new to the world of printing, one of the first things you’ll need to know about is DPI. What does it stand for? Dots per inch. And why is it so important? It refers to the number of dots printed along a one-inch line. The higher the DPI figure, the more dots, and so the shar...
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  • Direct to Film (DTF) Printer and maintenance

    If you are new to DTF printing, you might have heard of the difficulties of maintaining a DTF printer. The main reason is the DTF inks that tend to clog the printer printhead if you do not use the printer regularly. In particular, DTF uses white ink, which clogs very quickly. What is white ink? D...
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