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UV-LED Flatbed Printer UV2513 with 3/4 I3200-U1 print heads

short description:

1. Equipped with EP- I3200-U1  print heads.
2. Print head warming device.Our new flatbed UV251.
3. Printer equipped i3200 U1 print head,Head life can be 15-18month, high speed and competitive price. We can ship 2 sets machine in one 20 feet container.

Product Detail

Technology Parameter

Product Tags


1.High Quality Board

Continuous stable Printing 


2.4 separate zones vacuum platform

Separate operation zone makes accurate control to the vacuum platform.


3.Negative ink supply+capping

Making sure high speed printing and stable ink supplying.



This setting is protecting the printer head from hurting,so that the printer head have a longer time


5.Auto height detect


6.Ink bulk alarm system

Every color have individual ink lack alarm,to make customer easier figure out which color of ink is not enough.




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  • Model No. Eric 2513
    Printer head 3/4pc I3200-U1
    Machine Type Automatic, Flatbed, UV LED Lamp, Digital Printer
    Max Print Size 2500*1300mm
    Max Print Height 10cm
    Materials to Print Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Acrylic, Leather, etc,
    Printing Direction Unidirectional Printing or Bi-directional Printing Mode
    Printing  Resolution Mode 1 :4Pass 1CMYK + 1W + 1V =3 heads ; speed 11Sqm/h
    Mode 2 :4Pass 2CMYK + 2W =4 heads ; speed 19Sqm/h
    Mode 3 :4Pass 4CMYK  =4heads ; speed 30Sqm/h
    Nozzle Number 3200
    Ink Colors CMYK+W+C
    Ink Type UV Ink
    Ink System 1500ml Ink Bottle
    File Format PDF,JPG,TIFF,EPS,AI,etc
    Max Media Weight 75 KG/M²
    Operating System WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8/WINDOWS 10
    Interface 3.0 LAN
    Software Photoprint/Maintop
    Languages Chinese/English
    Voltage 220V
    Working Environment temperature :27℃ - 35℃, humidity:40%-60%
    Package Type Wooden Case
    Machine size 4100*10000*1350mm
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