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Eco Solvent Printer Brochure

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1.High Speed
2.More Function
3.Steady Processing
4.Simple Operation
5.Easy Maintenance
6.High Quality Accessories
7.High Aotumation

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Eco Solvent Printer
Due to their environmentally-friendly features, color brightness, ink longevity, and lower total cost of ownership, the best eco-solvent printer has emerged as the current alternative for printers.
You most likely deal with printed documents daily; however, you may not realize how much the solvent inks employed in their creation impact our health and the environment. Eco-solvent printer ink is biodegradable, which blends in with the environment.
Now, you don’t have to be concerned about environmental or personal dangers. The printers are environmentally friendly. However, you cannot just replace your printer ink with eco-solvent ink. For the best printing results, use an eco-solvent printer. In addition,Eco-solvent printing reduces ventilation needs, which lets printers operate out of buildings not originally set up for printing. Energy costs are lower too, especially when the workplace needs heating or air conditioning. More important, it takes away any risk of workers being sickened by fumes.

Eco-solvent ink is mostly used for printing on banners, signboards, and outdoor posters. This is because it is budget-friendly and more resistant to chemical damage, other weather factors, and scratches (makes them have a long lifespan).

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LX1802/1804 With 2/4 i3200 heads Eco Solvent  Printer BrochureLX1802/1804 With 2/4 i3200 heads Eco Solvent  Printer Brochure

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  • Name LX1802/1804 Eco Solvent  Printer
    Model No. LX1802/1804 Eco Solvent  Printer
    Machine Type Automatic, Flatbed, Heavy Body, Digital Printer
    Printer Head 2pcs/4pcxi3200 Print Head
    Max Print Size 70” (180cm)
    Max Print Height 1-5mm
    Materials to Print PP Paper/Backlit film/Wall paperlvinylOne-way vision/Flex banner etc
    Printing Method Drop-on-demand Piezo Electric Inkjet
    Printing Direction Unidirectional Printing or Bi-directional Printing Mode
    Printing  Resolution Standard Dpi: 720×1200dpi
    Printing  Quality True Photographic Quality
    Nozzle Number 3200
    Ink Colors CMYK
    Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink
    Ink System CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
    Ink Consumption 360*1800dpi 3pass C/M/Y/K=16ml/sqm
    720*1200dpi 4pass C/M/Y/K=16ml/sqm
    720*2400dpi 6pass C/M/Y/K=25ml/sqm
    Ink Supply 2L ink tank with positive pressure continuos supply (Bulk ink system)
    Printing  Speed 2pcs I3200 head : 4pass 40sqm/h 720*2400dpi 6pass 30sqm/h / 4 pcs I3200 head :360*1800dpi 3pass 105sqm/h 720*1200dpi 4pass 82sqm/h 720*2400dpi 6pass 56sqm/h
    File Format PDF,JPG,TIFF,EPS,AI,etc
    Height Adjustment Automatic With Sensor.
    Media Feeding System Manual
    Max Media Weight 30 KG
    Operating System WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8/WINDOWS 10
    Interface 3.0 LAN
    Software ONYX/SAi PhotoPrint/Ripprint
    Languages Chinese/English
    Voltage 110V/ 220V
    Power Consumption 1350w
    Working Environment 20-28 Degrees.
    Package Type Wooden Case
    Machine Size 3025*824*1476mm
    Net Weight 250kg
    Gross Weight 300kg
    Packing Size 2930*760*850mm
    Price Includes Printer,software, Inner six angle wrench, Small screwdriver, Ink absorption mat, USB cable, Syringes, Damper, User manual, Wiper, Wiper Blade, Mainboard fuse, Replace screws and nuts
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