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  • YL650 DTF film printer

    YL650 DTF film printer

    1. Using 2pcs 4720 Printer Head(i3200-A1 is also avaliable): High precision & Stability, Easy to maintain, Faster speed
    2. Aluminum up-down capping sation: strong durability support high precision printing
    3. High Printing Accuracy: 2.5pl
    4. 2L ink tank with ink alarm + 200ml sencondary ink bottle: large volume ink supply, less production interrupt
    5. Ink shortage alarm: remind operator add ink in time to support continual production
    6. White ink shaking and circulation system: provide heads from clogging easily
    7. Aluminum vaccum paltform: make media stick strongly to the platform
    8. Milling  beam and Hiwin guide make stable and precision Movement