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  • High speed Cylinder UV print head

    High speed Cylinder UV print head

    1. Color white varnish high-speed printing

    2. 360° seamless rotation printing

    3. It is possible to achieve a complete package without any gap around 360° on the cylinder

    Install and print.

    4. Perfect fit for cylinder and coner

  • Digital Cylinder Printer C180

    Digital Cylinder Printer C180

    High speed cylinder UV printer, 360°seamless printing, CMYK+W+ V same time printing equipped with the newest rotary printing technology.Support CMYK+W+V printing, suitable for A lot of types materials.

  • UV-LED High Speed Cylinder Printer

    UV-LED High Speed Cylinder Printer

    Eco-solvent inkjet printers have emerged as the latest choice for printers due to its environment-friendly features, the vibrancy of colours, durability of ink, and reduced total cost of ownership. Eco-solvent printing has added benefits over solvent printing as they come with added enhancements. These enhancements include a wide colour gamut along with a quicker drying time. Eco-solvent machines have improved fixation of ink and are better at scratch and chemical resistance to achieve high-quality print. Digital large format Eco-solvent printers from the house of  Aily Digital Printing  have unmatched printing speed and wide media compatibility. Digital Eco-solvent printers have virtually no odour as they don’t have as many chemical and organic compounds. Used for vinyl and flex printing, eco-solvent based fabric printing, SAV, PVC banner, backlit film, window film, etc. Eco- solvent printing machines are ecologically safe, used widely for indoor applications and the ink used is biodegradable. With the usage of eco-solvent inks, there is no damage to your printer components which saves you from doing the full system clean up so often and it also extends the lifespan of the printer. Eco-solvent inks help in reducing the cost for print output.  Aily Digital Printing offers sustainable, reliable, high-quality, heavy-duty, and cost-effective Eco-solvent printers to make your printing business profitable.



  • Digital uv led cylinder printer c180

    Digital uv led cylinder printer c180

    1.Intelligent inkjet printing technology 360° seamless printing

    2.Equipped with EP- I1600/XAAR1201/G5i  print heads

    3.Color/w/v same time printing

  • C180 High speed UV rotary printing machine

    C180 High speed UV rotary printing machine

    With the increasing demands of customizing, digital printing industry has helped many industries complete the upgrade. Now it’s turn for cylinder materials to get an advanced printing, with higher speed, lower cost, more convenient, more environment-friendly. Resolution is a High Speed Cylinder UV printer supporting smooth, seamless graphics in vibrant CMYK with a dedicated white print head and varnish. Advanced programming achieves patented helical printing which solve the biggest headache o...