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  • Uv Dtf Transfer Printer

    Uv Dtf Transfer Printer

    1.Imported THK Guide Rail
    High quality branded guide rail. Build for long life use.
    2.4 Heads Lifting Capping Station
    Equipped with latest Epson industrial printhead i3200-U or i1600 . High productivity choice
    3.Anti-collision System
    Eliminate static efficiently and reliably from printer and the media. Gurantee the high precision output.
    4.Industrial Collection System
    Well-designed tension type material feeding and take-up system. Ensure the high accuracy of material stepping.
    5.Leadshine Servo Motor
    Combine excellent dynamics and torque accuracy, and feature low torque ripple, minimal temperature rise, high power density and high overload capacity.
    6.AirSwitching System
    With the air compressor, the use of pneumatics is more stable than traditional spring bars and has a longer service life