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High Quality UV 6090 A1 led flatbed printer glass bottle tiles pen wooden box printing machine Light box printer

short description:

1. Advertising serise

The main applicationof UV 6090 A1 led flatbed printer : Billboards, light boxes, logo, signs Etc.

Applicable materials of UV 6090 A1 led flatbed printer : Acrylic, organic glass, ABS board, PVC expansion sheet, aluminous model board Etc.

2. Electronic products series

The main application of UV 6090 A1 led flatbed printer : phone cover, cell phone holster, mobile power supply, refrigerator plate, induction cooker panel, electrical panel Etc.
Applicable materials of UV 6090 A1 led flatbed printer : PC, TPU, ABS, PU leather, Acrylic, glass, Stainless steel panel Etc.
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Product Detail

Product Tags

Model type BRICK-UV6090
Printhead model For EP-XP600 2 or 3 pinthead
Printing Size 600mm x 900mm
Pinthead 2-3pc for choose
Min drops 3.5PL
Color C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm+W, C/M/Y/K/+W, C/M/Y/K/+W+V,
Curing system  LED UV lamp curing system
Printing 2880dps*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi
Net Weight 200kg
Cleaning system Separation positive pressure cleaning,anti-blocking flash spray function,full intelligent cleaning
Printing speed Sketch mode printing:4 Pass 8m³/h
Quality mode printing: 6 Pass 6-7 m³/h
High quality mode printing: 8 Pass 5m³/h
Operation Windows 7 Windows 10
Operating environment temperature: 20-30℃ humidity: 40%-60%
Power AC220V P1000W
Printer Size 1665*1560*720mm



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