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High speed 1.8m Eco solvent printer with 2pcs i3200 heads

short description:

At the market, the almost simple Eco solvent printer with single head or 2 heads,its printing speed is slowly only suitable for small business;the almost heavy duty Eco solvent machine with 8 heads, 16 heads, the speed is fast but the price is really high, many people can not afford. Depend on this,Aily launch the 2 heads heavy duty Eco solvent machine, spend similar price with 2 heads/single head machine, but you can get 2 heads macine with high speed.

  • Print head: Double epson I3200/DX5
  • Print speed: 4Pass 40sqm/h, 6Pass 30sqm/h
  • Ink type: Eco solvent ink
  • Printing materials: suitable for indorr and outdoor such as PP paper,Car sticker / Lamp cloth / Face film / Coated banner / Flag cloth...etc
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    1.ink tank
    Stable bulk systems ensure amazing printing speed

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    2.Aluminum platform

    3.Feed-up system

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    4.pinch roller

    5.Step motor

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    6.Power board

    7.Hoson Head board

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  • Name LX1802
    Model No. LX1802
    Machine Type Automatic, Flatbed, Heavy Body, Digital Printer
    Printer Head 2pcs i3200 Print Head
    Max Print Size 70” (180cm)
    Max Print Height 1-5mm
    Materials to Print PP Paper/Backlit film/Wall paperlvinylOne-way vision/Flex banner etc
    Printing Method Drop-on-demand Piezo Electric Inkjet
    Printing Direction Unidirectional Printing or Bi-directional Printing Mode
    Printing  Resolution Standard Dpi: 720×1200dpi
    Printing Quality True Photographic Quality
    Nozzle Number 3200
    Ink Colors CMYK
    Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink
    Ink System CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
    Ink Consumption 360*1800dpi 3pass C/M/Y/K=16ml/sqm
      720*1200dpi 4pass C/M/Y/K=16ml/sqm
      720*2400dpi 6pass C/M/Y/K=25ml/sqm
    Ink Supply 2L ink tank with positive pressure continuos supply (Bulk ink system)
    Printing Speed 2pcs I3200 head : 4pass 40sqm/h 720*2400dpi 6pass 30sqm/h / 4 pcs I3200 head :360*1800dpi 3pass 105sqm/h 720*1200dpi 4pass 82sqm/h 720*2400dpi 6pass 56sqm/h
    File Format PDF,JPG,TIFF,EPS,AI,etc
    Height Adjustment Automatic With Sensor.
    Media Feeding System Manual
    Max Media Weight 30 KG
    Operating System WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8/WINDOWS 10
    Interface 3.0 LAN
    Software ONYX/SAi PhotoPrint/Ripprint
    Languages Chinese/English
    Voltage 110V/ 220V
    Power Consumption 1350w
    Working Environment 20-28 Degrees.
    Package Type Wooden Case
    Machine Size 3025*824*1476mm
    Net Weight 250kg
    Gross Weight 300kg
    Packing Size 2930*760*850mm
    Price Includes Printer,software, Inner six angle wrench, Small screwdriver, Ink absorption mat, USB cable, Syringes, Damper, User manual, Wiper, Wiper Blade, Mainboard fuse, Replace screws and nuts
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